How to Record in iMovie (Easy Steps)

Whether you’re capturing live moments, narrating a story, or incorporating voiceovers, the recording feature in iMovie lets you personalize your videos with ease. This article will

How to Rotate a Video in iMovie (Easy Steps)

Among iMovie’s myriad features, the ability to rotate videos plays a pivotal role in refining the visual storytelling experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the

How to Mute a Video on iMovie (3 Easy Ways)

Audio plays a crucial role in storytelling, but there are times when muting a video becomes essential. Whether you’re eliminating background noise, enhancing a specific moment,

How to Move iMovie Library to External Drive

As iMovie projects accumulate, your library’s size increases, impacting your device’s storage. Moving your iMovie library to an external drive is a practical solution, providing more

iMovie Audio Not Working? Quick Steps to Fix

Why iMovie audio not working? Whether you’re dealing with silent clips, distorted sound, or complete audio failure, this guide will walk you through the effective steps

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