How to Stream Games on TikTok using Mobile and PC

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TikTok Live allows users to stream their gaming sessions in real-time, offering aa amazing way to engage with their audience. However, not everyone can immediately access this feature.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the requirements to share your screen on TikTok Live and guide you on how to stream games on TikTok using mobile phone and to tiktok live

Requirement to Share Screen on TikTok Live

To stream games on TikTok Live, you need to meet certain requirements which include;

  • Minimum 1,000 subscribers required to access TikTok Live, showcasing influence and engagement with the audience and must be 18 years old..
  • Being an active live-streamer on TikTok demonstrates consistency in content provision and audience interaction.
  • Before gaining TikTok Live access, users must apply for it; however, meeting requirements does not guarantee immediate access as TikTok selects users for the feature

How to Steam Gaming on TikTok Live using Android/iPhone


  1. Launch TikTok app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Tap the ‘+‘ button at the bottom of the screen to create a new post.tap plus icon on tiktok
  3. Select the ‘LIVE‘ option located under the recording button to start a live go live on tiktok
  4. Navigate to the ‘Mobile Gaming‘ section to stream your mobile mobile gaming on tiktok
  5. Craft an engaging title for your live stream to attract viewers.
  6. Choose the game you want to stream by tapping the ‘Select game‘ game for streaming on tiktok
  7. Adjust the layout using the ‘Portrait/Landscape Mode‘ icon according to your preference.
  8. Customize your Live stream settings, including audio mute, moderator mode activation, live intro addition, and comment filtering, in the ‘Settings‘ section.tiktok live settings
  9. Set the output resolution for your live stream by tapping on ‘Video Quality.’
  10. Hit the ‘Go Live‘ button to start streaming once everything is set up.go live on tiktok
  11. Choose TikTok from the pop-up message to share your live stream on the platform.

How to stream games live on TikTok using PC (with OBS)

TikTok currently supports live streaming through its mobile app, but there’s a feature in development to use OBS with an RTMP URL and stream key.

Setting up OBS.


  1. Download OBS software. Select the one suitable for your device i.e windows or Apple obs studio
  2. Open OBS and select start streamingstream games on tiktok with obs studio
  3. Select scene collection called “TikTok” for easy switching between streaming platforms.obs record scene collection option for tiktok
  4. Create a new profile called “TikTokobs record profile settings for tiktok
  5. In the settings, change the base canvas resolution to 1080×1920 and choose the appropriate output resolution based on your upload speed (e.g., 720×1280 or 1080×1920). Set the downscale filter to Lanczos and common FPS value to 60best obs recording settings for tiktok video
  6. Copy paste TikTok stream key on OBSsetup obs studio for tiktok
  7. Click “Go live” in the upper right-hand corner to start streaming to your TikTok go live on obs stutio
  8. Select media source and you are live on tiktok


  1. Avoid using still images on your TikTok live stream to prevent potential flagging and takedowns by TikTok’s algorithm.
  2. Keep content dynamic and engaging with moving elements.

When you’re ready to end the stream, click on “Stop” within TikTok Live Studio.

That’s it! You have now successfully learned how to stream on TikTok using your PC. Enjoy engaging with your audience and growing your TikTok channel.


How long can I stream my mobile games on TikTok Live?

TikTok Live allows you to stream for up to one hour per session.

Can I engage with my audience while streaming games on TikTok Live?

Yes, you can interact with your audience through live comments and respond to their questions or feedback in real-time.

Are there any restrictions on the games I can stream?

TikTok has certain community guidelines, and it’s essential to ensure that the games you stream comply with these guidelines to avoid any issues with your content.

What are the popular games you can stream on TitkTok

How long can you get the TikTok stream key?

The time it takes to get the TikTok stream key can vary widely. For some creators, it may only take a few minutes, while for others, it could take weeks or even longer. TikTok does not have a specified time frame for granting the stream key, and the process depends on the user’s account status and TikTok’s criteria for live streaming access.


Streaming games on TikTok Live offers content creators a fantastic opportunity to connect with their audience and showcase their gaming skills. However, gaining access to the Live feature requires meeting specific requirements set by TikTok.

Once you fulfill the criteria and gain access, you can easily set up mobile gaming on TikTok Live using the steps provided in this guide.

Remember to create engaging titles, interact with your audience, and follow TikTok’s community guidelines to ensure a successful and enjoyable streaming experience. Happy gaming and streaming!

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