How to Do Gender Swap Filter on CapCut and FaceApp

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Gender swap filters have taken the digital world by storm, allowing users to see themselves in a different light.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do gender swap filters using both CapCut and FaceApp to create captivating and fun transformations. By combining the functionalities of these two apps, you can take your creative editing skills to new to do gender swap filter on capcut

Why Use FaceApp Together with CapCut

Combining FaceApp and CapCut offers a dynamic editing duo.

FaceApp specializes in AI-powered facial transformations, including gender swaps, while CapCut provides a platform to enhance these transformations with advanced editing features, such as transitions.

Together, they enable you to create engaging and entertaining content.

How to Gender Swap Filter


  1. Open FaceApp and add the photo you want to edit from Galleryimport photo to faceapp
  2. Select Gender > Gender Swap Filter to apply and save the photoapply gender swap filter on faceapp
  3. Open CapCut app select new projectcreate a new project on capcut
  4. Select two photos, original photo and gender swapped photoadd normal photo and gender-swapped photo to capcut
  5. Add a fade out transition between the photos for smooth gender swap effect.
  6. Export and share to your preferred social media apps like TikTok.export gender swapped filter video

Other Filters to Explore Using CapCut and FaceApp

CapCut and FaceApp offer a range of creative filters beyond gender swap effects. Experiment with age transformations, artistic filters, and more to add variety to your edits and express your unique style.


Can I use CapCut and FaceApp together easily?

Absolutely! Both apps have user-friendly interfaces, making the process seamless.

Are there privacy concerns with using these apps?

Both apps prioritize user privacy, but it’s wise to review their privacy policies and permissions.

Can I share my edited content directly from these apps?

Yes, you can export and share your creations from CapCut and FaceApp to various platforms.

Are there other apps that can complement CapCut and FaceApp?

Yes, you can explore apps like InShot for additional editing features.

Can I revert the gender swap if I change my mind?

Yes, both apps allow you to undo edits before confirming.


The combination of CapCut and FaceApp empowers you to create stunning gender swap effects.

Follow the outlined steps to effortlessly enhance your images and videos, taking advantage of the AI-powered features of FaceApp and the editing versatility of CapCut. By merging these two apps, you open up a world of creative possibilities that will captivate and entertain your audience.

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