How to Combine Videos into One on iPhone [2023 Full Guide]

Can I combine videos on iPhone? How to combine videos on iPhone? If you are looking for some practical ways to merge a bunch of videos on your iPhone, here is a complete guide for you to get it done easily.

The videos on your phone could be records of special moments in your life or even just memes. There are many reasons why you want to combine videos on your iPhone:

  • To organize videos to save memory on your
  • To create a funny Vlog with videos of your pets.
  • To create a movie from the videos taken during a trip.
  • To view videos in an organized manner.
  • To create a documentary of an event.

No matter for what reason, here are some practical ways to combine videos on your iPhone. Let’s get off the ground to learn the methods below.

Table of Contents

Part 1. [Free Solution] – How to Combine Videos on iPhone for free – Using iMovie

Part 2. [Mobile Solution] – How to Combine Videos on iPhone – Using third-party apps

Part 3. [Desktop Solution] – How to Combine Videos on a computer – Using PC apps

Part 4. [Online Solution] – How to Combine Videos on iPhone online

Part 5. FAQ on How to Combine Two Videos

Part 1. [Free Solution] – How to Combine Videos on iPhone for free – Using iMovie

If you want to merge two videos on an iPhone for free, iMovie – a free iOS application owned by Apple, is your perfect option. iPhone allows users to merge videos into a single file using iMovie on iPhone for free without third-party video editors or apps. iMovie lets users edit video clips using an intuitive drag and drop interface. You can even transfer the videos you create to different iOS devices via iCloud Drive or AirDrop straight from the app once you are done.

Combine Videos on iPhone Using iMovie

  1. Install the iMovie app on your iPhone. Head over to the App Store, search for iMovie and install the app on your device.
  2. When the app is installed, launch it from the springboard on your iPhone.
  3. Now, tap on “Create Project” and then select the video type out of the two options available, i.e., “Movie” or “Trailer“, and select “Movie” in this case. Next, tap on “Create” from the next screen. Or you can import video from File.

    combine videos using imovie setp 1
    combine videos using iMovie step 1

4. It will let you select the video from your Camera Roll for your project. Choose 2 or more videos you want to combine, and then tap on Create Movie at the bottom.

combine videos using-iMovie step 2

5. Your videos will now have been combined into one longer video. You can add effects or transitions on the following screen if you want. Then, tap on Done in the top-left corner to save your combined video file.

combine videos using iMovie step 3


  • Completely free to use for iOS users.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not available for Android users.
  • Lack of advanced editing tools.

Learn more: How to Add Music to iMovie – An Ultimate Guide

Part 2. [Mobile Solution] – How to Combine Videos on iPhone – Using third-party apps

Mobile Option 1: FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editor loaded with powerful tools. It’s available for iOS and Android. With the help of this video editor, you can not only combine videos on iPhone with ease but also use more effects to turn your merged videos more attractive.


Combine videos with FilrmoraGo

  1. Download and install FilmoraGo on your iPhone for free.

    combine videos step 1 Download Filmorago


combine videos using Filmorago step 2 create project

2. Click the “New Project” button to choose the videos you want to combine. And then, click on the “Import” button to open the edit panel.


combine videos using Filmorago step 3 export

3. On the editing panel, you can find the tools to crop videos to add music and motion effects to your combined videos with ease.


  • Offers picture in picture and allows to add stickers, transition and filters.
  • Templates for quick and easy vido creation.


  • Slows down or often crashes while editing larger videos.
  • Free three-day trial with a watermark.

Mobile Option 2: Videoshop

Videoshop is a fantastic app for combining and editing videos, and that’s why it is in the second position on our list. Besides, you can also cut, resize, trim videos, change color settings, add music to videos, create fast motion, create slow motion, and much more. Here is how you can join videos together on your iPhone via Videoshop.


Combine videos with Videoshop

  1. First, download the app, install it on your iPhone, and launch it.
  2. Select “Create New Video” and hit the plus signed icon to add the saved videos you want to merge.
combine videos using videoshop to create project


3. You can now choose the options given above the videos. You can select different settings or editing options like adding transition, typing texts, speed changes, adding an audio track, and many more.

combine videos using videoshop for editing


4. Once the editing process is done, you can move to tap on the “Next” button.

5. Then you can add the video title, author, place, and date if you want. Also, you can customize videos with filters and themes.

combine videos using videoshop to edit video


6. Once done with the merging videos on iPhone, tap on the Sharing button and store the file. You can also upload your file to YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, send it via e-mail, or save it to Dropbox.

combine videos using videoshop to save and share videos


  • One-click sharing to popular social networking platforms.
  • Constantly updated for better user experience.


  • Lack of guide
  • Unfit to edit batch videos

Mobile Option 3: Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an excellent tool for combining videos on mobile. Their easy-to-use importing and editing features lets you combine and edit clips any way you want to.


Combine videos with Adobe Premiere Rush

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Rush and click on the Create a New Project button or the plus button at the bottom of the app.
  2. Select videos on your iPhone to open up the videos folder.
  3. Locate the two videos you want to combine. When it’s done, click on Create at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Add more video clips by tapping the plus button on the video preview page.
combine videos using adobe premiere rush step 1 Create


5. After tapping Create, the application combines the clips. More options are available to add audio clips, modify transition effects, and more.

6. You can see each clip appear on the timeline. To rearrange them, simply tap and hold a clip and drag it to reposition.

7. Once you have finished adjusting the video, click the Share tab on the top left, highlight the Local tab, rename the video, and select the save to location.

8. On the export page, click Advanced Settings to change the video quality and select Export to save the newly merged video clip.

combine videos using adobe premiere rush export


  • Magnetic timeline
  • Generous 100GB of cloud storage


  • Few built-in transitions
  • Limited variety of effects and templates.

Part 3. [Desktop Solution] – How to Combine Videos on a computer – Using PC apps

You may face a little disturbance while combining videos on iPhone using mobile apps, especially for long videos. For more stable functions and saving your phone’s memory, here we recommend you try video editors, which can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

Movavi Video Editor – Windows & Mac

Movavi Video Editor is an effective video editing tool that allows you to merge several video clips into one file without quality loss, set the desired aspect ratio and output format, and add music to video without watermark.

Here’s how to combine videos with Movavi:

  1. Install the program on your PC or Mac.
  2. Click Add Media Files and select the videos you want to join.
  3. Look at the Timeline where the videos have automatically been added and are practically joined.
  4. To edit videos in the order you prefer, drag and drop them into place.
  5. Click Export to save your video when you’re satisfied.


  • Free media library included.
  • 4K video supported.


  • Lacks advanced trim modes and clip pre-trimming.
  • Rendering on the slow side.

Filmora – Windows & Mac

Filmora is a highly recommended video editing program by most of its users. This is because it’s friendly for beginners and has many advanced video editing features. Whether a beginner or semi-professional, if you want to make your merged video more attractive, this video joiner software for PC, Filmora, is your best choice.

Here is how you can use Filmora to combine videos on windows.

Step 1 – Import video files to join. To use Filmora to combine clips, click the Import button and choose from these options: Import Media Files, Import a Media Folder, or Upload Video from Camera.

combine videos using Filmora Import


In the pop-up Import for Device window, you will see the photos and video on your iPhone on the left side, click one to preview, and then select it to import. Filmora will load it directly into the Project Media library.

combine videos using Filmora Import video from device


Step 2 – Drag and drop to merge video files. Select all photos and videos you want to combine in the Project Media library and drag and drop them to the timeline. Once you do this, you will see that the video files you’ve dragged will align in the same timeline.

drag and drop to merge videos using Filmora


Step 3 – Add transitions (optional). Maybe you also think of merging only segments of your video clips and adding transition effects to make your videos more unique and stylish. To add transitions go to the Transitions tab on the top, click any transition and a menu will appear with options of “Apply to All” and “Random to All”.

add transition with Filmora


Step 4 – Export video files as one file. Once satisfied with the result, click on the Export button to save the file and download it. You can export your original video formats or directly convert them to your portable devices. Alternatively, you can share your creation to YouTube or Vimeo directly from this software or burn it to DVD for better preservation.

combine video with Filmora Exporting video


  • Add transitions between scenes/clips from 48 effects.
  • Save your video in different formats, directly upload it online, or burn it to DVD.


  • Free Version Comes with a Watermark
  • Lightweight Video Editor Platform

Magix Vegas – Windows & Mac

Sony Vegas, as one of the most professional video editing software, provides quite a lot of remarkable functions for users. With its help, users can easily join and cut clips, add special effects, edit subtitles, apply green screen effect, remove noise from videos, generate Dolby 5.1 surrounding sound, etc. Now we’ll show you how to merge clips in Sony Magix Vegas (Vegas Pro).

Here’s how to combine videos with Magix Vegas (Vegas Pro):

Step 1 –Import clips to Magix Vegas. Launch Magix Vegas Pro and choose the “File” option in the top left corner. Hit on “Import” from the drop-down menu. Next, touch the “Media” icon from a side menu to browse your local files. Just choose clips that you want to merge.

combine videos using sony vegas 01
combine videos using sony vegas Import


Step 2–Drag and edit videos on the timeline. Drag the first video directly to the timeline. In VEGAS Pro, a new video and audio track will be created. A pop-up box will ask if you want to make the project settings match the video properties. Click Yes. Then, drag the next video to the same video track. Both videos will appear on the same track as events. Afterward, remove undesired sections from clips, change the order of every clip, and add cool effects and filters as you like. Note that Vegas Pro will automatically create a crossfade between the video clips.

combine videos using Sony Vega Drag and edit videos


Step 3 –Align video clips and Save in Vegas Pro. Press Ctrl + A keys together and click “File” to pop up a window. In the toolbar of this new window, please choose “Render As“. Subsequently, choose an output directory and an output format and set the file name and resolution. As soon as these are done, touch “Render” to start merging and saving clips into one.

combine videos using Sony Vegas step 3 Render


  • Add transitions automatically between the video clips.
  • Nested timeline support


  • The interface lacks conveniences found in competitors
  • No welcome panel with tutorials

Part 4. [Online Solution] – How to Combine Videos in iPhone online

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the first cloud-based tool we recommend to merge videos, which is previously known as Adobe Spark. With this online video merger, you can combine videos, trim, crop, resize the video frame, sound effects, voice-over, and many more.


How to merge videos with Adobe Express online:

  1. Import videos to Adobe online video merger from your PC or iPhone.
  2. Drag and drop to adjust different videos’ orders.
  3. Trim the video length, set the aspect ratio, and adjust the volume of the video (optional).
  4. Click Download to merge the video.


  • Powerful and useful image and video editing features.
  • Includes 2GB (free) and 100GB (paid version) of cloud storage.


  • Doesn’t support uploading audio files for video merging.
  • With no built-in music library, no text tool and video transitions available.


Kapwing is an all-in-one online video editor that offers you a versatile online video merger to merge videos, images, GIFs, and audio. The coolest thing is that you can even paste a link to a YouTube video and do the trimming and merging of it online with ease.


How to combine videos with Kapwing online:

  1. Upload videos, images, and audio files to Kapwing.
  2. Rearrange all the video assets’ order.
  3. Trim videos, add video transitions and video effects you need. (optional)
  4. Click Download to merge the video.


  • User friendly.
  • Online courtesy tool works more efficiently


  • To free users, the video project will be automatically locked a couple of days later.
  • Taking more time to render multiple video files online.


As its name suggests, Fastreel online video merger promises you a quick way to edit and merge videos in your browser. The easy-to-use timeline editor lets you add multiple video clips that you can cut and trim fast.


How to join videos with Fastreel online:

  1. Open the app and click on New Project.
  2. Drag and drop to set the video asset’s order to be merged.
  3. You may set the aspect ratio, and the desired video format or add a video transition to different clips on the timeline. (optional)
  4. Click Export to combine the video.


  • There’s a template preview option.
  • You get access to an audio library, so you don’t have to shell out loads for license-free music.


  • Can’t drag and drop to upload all the video assets at a time.
  • Not watermark-free.

Tips and tricks for your final merged video

Create a storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation of your video sketched out. This can help you get organized, especially if merging more than two videos into one. But not every video will require a storyboard.

Include transitions

Some video clips might not merge seamlessly. Including transitions can make your video more cohesive and less choppy, as well as make the video more interesting for your viewer.

Include images

Having images dispersed throughout your video can be a great way to keep your audience’s attention by breaking up the visual monotony on screen. You can also add an animation to slowly zoom in or out on them to add visual interest.

Keep your original videos organized.

Always keep your original clips files organized in folders when you are working on a project. This will ensure that nothing gets lost during the wrong editing process.

Part 5. FAQ on How to Combine Two Videos

Q1. What to consider when merging video clips?


Be aware of the video quality when merging different videos. If one clip has a lower resolution, you may want to lower the resolution in your project settings to match before moving forward.

Trimming and cutting

Not every clip in your videos can align into one ideally at one time. You may want to cut off some video parts which are unnecessary or irrelative or add some transitions to tell a good video story.

Color correction

Most video clips will not look the same as they are filmed in different locations. So you need to adjust the color temperature of your clips to keep them consistent when you combine videos.

Q2. How to combine videos on iPhone full screen?

In this article, every method we talk about above can combine videos on full screen. Please read the whole article first.

Q3. How to combine two vertical videos on iPhone?

Most of the video mergers above can combine two vertical videos.

Q4. How to combine videos on iPhone without cropping with iMovie?

The video resolution changes if you crop the video while combining videos with iMovie. What can you do with that?

The cropping problem may happen because your iMovie preferences are set to “Crop to Fill”. Click on iMovie/Preferences in the menu bar and see your setting under Photo Placement. You want “Fit,” not “Crop to Fill,” and not “Ken Burns.” In this way, you can combine videos without cropping.

Q5. How do you combine videos on TikTok?

TikTok is the most popular live video app, but you can’t combine videos directly on it. Alternatively, you can use a video merger app.


There you go! These are the full hands-on tutorial to combine videos on iPhone without losing the original quality. Even if you have never done it before, you will find it super easy to start with our mobile, desktop, and online solutions. I hope our article is informative enough, and you can get what you desire from it. If you have any other ideas about that, feel free to share.

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