How to Add a Freeze Frame on CapCut (Phone & PC)

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In the world of video editing, freeze frames can add a touch of creativity and emphasis to your content.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a freeze frame to video in CapCut on your phone or PC , allowing you to create eye-catching moments that captivate your audience.

How to Add a Freeze Frame in CapCut Phone


  1. Launch the CapCut app and start a new project.create a new project on capcut
  2. Import the video you want to work on and add it to your project.add video to capcut app
  3. Tap on the “Edit” icon to access the editing options for your edit option on capcut
  4. Identify the specific moment in your video where you want to create a freeze frame.
  5. Look for the “Freeze” option and tap on it to apply the freeze frame to add freeze frame on capcut
  6. Play your video to ensure the freeze frame is in place. Once you’re satisfied, export your video and share it with the world.export video from capcut

How to Add a Freeze Frame in CapCut PC

If you’re using CapCut on your PC, follow these steps to add a freeze frame to your video.

  1. Launch CapCut on your computer and select “New projectcreate a new project on capcut pc
  2. Click the “Import” option to upload your video to CapCut.import video to capcut pc
  3. Select the video and drag it into adding paneladd video to timeline editing panel on capcut pc
  4. Choose the specific section of the video that you want to turn into a freeze frame.locate where to add freeze-frame for video on capcut pc
  5. Find the freeze frame icon located near the playhead on the timeline.find freeze frame option on capcut pc
  6. Click the freeze frame icon at the point where you want to add the freeze frame.
  7. By clicking the icon, you’ll insert a 3-second freeze frame into your frame on capcut pc
  8. Play your video to see the freeze frame effect; the video will pause at the freeze frame section.
  9. Adjust the duration of the added freeze frame.adjust free frame duration on capcut pc
  10. Export the Video to share in other platforms.

Importance of Adding Video Freeze Frame

Adding freeze frames to your videos can serve multiple purposes. They can emphasize a crucial moment, create a dramatic effect, or allow viewers to focus on specific details. Freeze frames help maintain engagement and break up the video’s rhythm for a more dynamic viewing experience.


Can I adjust the duration of the freeze frame?

Yes, in both the CapCut app and PC versions, you can usually adjust the duration of the freeze frame to your preference.

Will the freeze frame work with any type of video?

Absolutely, freeze frames can be added to various types of videos, from action-packed scenes to serene landscapes.

Can I add multiple freeze frames in a single video?

Yes, you can add multiple freeze frames to the same video for added impact and creativity.


Adding freeze frames to your videos can transform them into captivating visual experiences. Whether you’re using CapCut on your phone or PC, these instructions provide you with the tools to incorporate freeze frames effectively.

Elevate your video editing game and experiment with this technique to create engaging content that keeps your audience hooked.

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